The French Ministry of Education, the French Ministry of Research and the CNRS are organizing “The year of biology 2021-2022” aiming at bringing together the worlds of teaching and research to highlight the major advances and challenges of research in biology. Among other things disseminating activities and visit of laboratories were organized for high school teachers. On May 17th 2022, France (LCPME) was involved in people-to-people dissemination activities targeting high school teachers. This started with a 1 hour talk followed by a discussion with the audience (approximately 80 people) focused on LCPME scientific activities, mainly regarding the fate of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile genetic elements during water treatment processes and in the downstream environment. This was followed by a visit of the laboratory (20 people) in order to discuss more on the methodologies and scientific projects developed at LCPME. The emphasis was given to the DSWAP project (i) as an example of multinational, multidisciplinary collaborative project, and (ii) as an example of project aiming at working on important societal problems (water scarcity and water reuse) but also considering important cognate aspects such as energy consumption (in processes) or agricultural performance (after water reuse).