WP1 – Module optimization and implementation

Lead Organization: UNISA (Prof. Luigi Rizzo)

Duration: 1-30 months

Main objectives: (i) development, evaluation and optimization of state-of-the-art secondary treatment, disinfection and desalination modules specifically designed for treated wastewater irrigation schemes; (ii) integration of selected modules at a beta-site in Israel.

Lead Organization: LCPME/UCP (Dr. Christophe Merlin/Dr. Célia Manaia)

Duration: 1-30 months

Main objectives: (i) to define the impact of crop irrigation by treated wastewater on soil and plant quality with respect to agricultural production and public health using a set of Comprehensive Analytical Tools (CAT) (Empirical phase); and (ii) to evaluate the performance of treatments modules (WP1) by monitoring a selected set of Diagnostic Analytical Indicators (DAI) (Experimental and Beta-Site phases).

WP2 – Diagnostic toolbox

WP3 – Decision support tool

Lead Organization: TUC (Prof. Thomas Berendonk)

Duration: 1-36 months

Main objectives: (i) development of an online inter-consortium data transfer network that will harmonize, integrate and analyze all of the data collected in WP2, (ii) define and monitor OIs (i.e. turbidity, temperature, pH) that will be coupled to selected disinfection and desalination modules at the beta site, to monitor and if necessary regulate module operation to ensure water quality of treated wastewater for irrigation while concomitantly reducing costs.

Lead Organization: Nireas-IWRC, UCY (Dr. Despo Fatta-Kassinos)

Duration: 1-36 months

Main objectives: (i) information transfer to local and international stakeholders (public health, environmental and agricultural officials and wastewater treatment plant managers), (ii) organization of educational workshops and training events (stakeholders Engagement workshops, people-2-people (P2P) activities, field trips to showcase, exchange, and transfer the proposed solutions), (iii) scientific publications (peer-reviewed publications and scientific conference presentations)), and (iv)  organization of an international symposium on wastewater irrigation.

WP4 – Communication/Dissemination and Training

WP5 – Project management

Lead Organization: ARO (Dr. Eddie Cytryn)

Duration: 1-36 months

Main objectives: management and coordination of all scientific, financial and administrative aspects of the project.