DSWAP will have a major impact on the enhancement of sustainable wastewater reuse. In essence, it is expected to result in a paradigm shift from conventional wastewater treatment approaches that are specifically designed for effluent discharge to aquatic environments, to systems designed for wastewater reuse. These systems will become increasingly imperative in the coming years due to dwindling freshwater resources associated with increasing world population and global climate change.

Some specific impacts of the project include:

Novel, energy efficient wastewater treatment technologies

Novel, energy efficient wastewater treatment technologies able to be integrated into decentralized wastewater reuse networks that can be customized according to specific regions and end-user needs to enable worldwide application.

Safe and agronomic beneficial wastewater reuse

Safe and agronomic beneficial wastewater reuse that consider environmental, socio-economic and legal constraints regulating the adoption of these technologies.

Recommendation for guidelines, standards & regulations

Recommendation for the preparation of guidelines, standards and regulations for harmonized testing of the quality of wastewater to be reused through the development of a unique DST.

Reduction of soil salinization

Reduction of soil salinization (leading to alteration of soil properties/reduction of agricultural yield) and promotion of sustainable and safe agricultural production.

Ecosystem and public health protection

Ecosystem and public health protection through the transfer of knowledge and best practice to key stakeholders (e.g. governmental/public authorities, wastewater plant operators, water utilities, health authorities, etc.).

Technological solutions/tools

Technological solutions and decision support tools (DST) that may be commercialized by the SMEs of the consortium, contributing thus to the enhancement of their company profile, their profit margin, the expanding of their clientele and increased competitiveness for European companies.